Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mpg on 109 octane sunoco race unleaded

10.507 gallons
$3.89 gallon
368.9 miles

35.10 mpg

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Race begins

update CHUMPCAR World Series Car 37 ModSquad one is performing great. Car 73 MS2 had some electrical issues at start, replaced ignition system, plugs and wires and is now doing good. Been too busy to do cameras. or pictures.

Live timing and scoring is here but is currently down

Night work

After a very nice dinner at the VIR pub the guys came back to the paddock to clean up. David got some mean sun burn. So he ended up going to get cleaned up and got some sleep. So did the others.
I got to work on aiming the HID lamps. 4x 35watts. Each car. Then I worked on some off the prep stuff. Added a drivers air feed to ms2. Removed the cheap roll bar padding from both cars and added the SFI rated stuff to the cage. A lot more room now to get in and out.
I fixed the mirrors on ms2 and added a rear view. I deskunked the cars. Then fixed some of the issues we had at summit point with the roof on ms2.
I even worked on water proofing ms2 as we may have some good rain on Sunday.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Passed tech

Zero laps


It is freaking hot here today.
Car are ready. Ms2 is doing the test day so we can get our new drivers into the car.

I was first out and noticed a cooling issue. Rad cap was bad. Replaced and it seems good. Going through tech now for the twenty four.

24 hours at Virginia International Raceway

Chump car event. Left RSm at around 10pm last night. Two rigs. One 24 foot support trailer and the two car rig. We are now lined up outside vir on some dirt access road. Starting to get warm and muggy here too. More later as we prep for track testing.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 1 - 24 Hours of Lemons New Jersey

The ModSquad at New Jersey
well we started off the day doing well, until I spun the MK2...

I went into the corner all wrong, and was just too fast. and she spun. simple.

Got my first ever black flag. But I was proud for staying on the track surface.
I worked hard to get back up to 11th. Tommy Guttman got into the car and when he went out was in 15th. He worked up to 9th. Ricky Fon got in the car and worked up to 8th when he spun off the track in the same area I spun. Tommy purchased us a get out of jail ticket. Ricky went back out and was doing well. But he then spun again. Three spins and you are out for 3 hours.

we just called it quits for the day and worked on the car. weighed it with Peters scales. 2355 pounds. LF 501, RF 484, LR 704, RR 666.

Day 2 starts tomorrow early. we wont win and are currently in the 50s. sucks really. but ____ happens in the sport.

Troy's V6 MR2 is kicking ass. That car is so fast. a 91 MR2 with a 1MZ v6.


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second black flag for the mod squad

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bogging at low rpm

Hmm.hopefully this cures the bogging issue
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I am guessing that being able to remove the crank pulley bolt with me fingers is not a good thing?
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Amazing how good things look when one uses a bit of cleaner
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200 mph super 1768954 titanium racing muffler

Ok. Maybe not titanium. Maybe not 200 mph.
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Edelbrock muffler to keep things legal. Still have to make a downturn from scrap.
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Scavaging a header from a parts car to replace the bodged up header on MS1. that is david under the car.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Real Hoopties of New Jersey

Good news--I think. Mod Squad Racing has officially been ACCEPTED for The Real Hoopties of New Jersey at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville NJ, April 09 - April 10.

From ModSquad Racing


Friday, 8 April 2011
7:30am: Gates open
Noon-5pm: Mandatory Friday Tech Inspection. Every car and at least one driver per team must be present for Tech Inspection on Friday. No Saturday Tech will be offered!
TBA: Pre-race track testing

Saturday, 9 April 2011
7:30am: Gates open
9:45am: Mandatory drivers' meeting
10:30am-6:30pm: Race session I

Sunday, 10 April 2011
8:30am: Mandatory drivers' meeting
9am-4pm: Race session II
Noon: People's Curse
4pm: Checkered flag
4:30pm: Awards
7:00pm: Gates close

ModSquad Drivers

Bill Strong
Peter Doane
Rick Fon
Tommy Guttmann
David Hawkins

Monday, January 31, 2011

VIR Winter Testing

From VIR Winter 2011

Troy Truglio's V6 MR2 last lap at VIR, breaking Scott Barton's lap record of 2.25.400. Tim Stephens has the overall lap record in a GT3 MK1 MR2 at 2.13.00, but that is a tube framed racer.

Here I am taking laps in the V6 MR2 while Troy videos a drive by. The sound from the single exit exhaust is really nice. Not too loud, but down shifting sounds ubber sweet.

Here is Troy doing a fly-by

I am now in the seat after we ate lunch for a 20 minute session. I pointed the camera to the rear and caught a few cars that were on track. I almost lost it under power before the bridge due to cold tires and excess pedal on the first lap.

and here is my 2001 2ZZ-GE powered MR2 Spyder on it's first track. Had an over heating issue. Could be due to either an air bubble or failing water pump.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MR2 Biohazard car

Here is Troys Biohazard V6 MR2. Car number three in our MR2 24 Hours of LeMons / ChumpCar Group. I love his paint job. The donor Camry was basically a biohazard.

and here is the sound from the three-litre Toyota V6.

Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 ModSquad Race Team Drivers

We put a call out on the MR2OC Message Board for additional drivers for the 2011 racing season.
Here is the current list of drivers:

David Hawkins
Bill Strong
Kevin Tulay
Troy Truglio
Tommy Guttmann
Rick Fon
Peter Doane
Rob Leone
Ken Brewer
Stephen Mason
Andy Breault

Here is the current schedule of races that we plan on running. We are still working on how many cars we will be using.

The cars:
Mod Squad I - 91 MR2 NA
Mod Squad II - 86 MR2 5SFE MK1.22

Planned schedule:

Lemons NJMP - April 9/10 (5 drivers already signed)
Chump Charlotte - April 22/23
Lemons Summit Point - June 18/19
Chump VIR - July 30/31 (24 hours)
Lemons Charlotte - Sept 24/25 (iffy)
Chump Nelson Ledges - Oct 8/9 (25.5 hours)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

24 Hours Of LeMons Crash Lowlights

Results from the Miami 24 Hours of Lemons race have been posted

24 Hours of LeMons Series
The Painfully Bland Bowl of Thin Lukewarm Oatmeal That Can't Possibly Offend Anyone, No Matter How Much They Enjoy Being Offended, 24-Hour Season Ender (Miami FL)
Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter FL. 
 December 30-31, 2010)

Car #73 1991 Toyota MR2 5SFE
Drivers in Order: Bill Strong; Kevin Tulay; Troy Truglio; Tommy Guttman; Peter Doane; David Hawkins 
28th Place (77 starters)
546 Laps Completed
Total Time: 23:25:55.399
Laps Down from leader: 208 Laps 
Best Lap Time: 1:47.744
Best Lap Speed: 
Problems: Front Engine Mount Failure, Exhaust B-pipe failure due to collision, Rear strut rod mount failure


Jacky Ickyx GT30 at Chump Car Sebring Sept 2010 Jim Dozier driver1

The 3000GT passes us at 1:45. Car 37 Black 1986 Toyota MR2 @ Sebring Florida ChumpCar

Chump series Racing Sebring Fl

Car number 37 ModSquad II MR2 at Sebring Florida ChumpCar event, 2010.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Final .... Miami 2010

What a blast!

So after my last race post before the end of the race, I was monitoring David on the radio in the pits. I let him know that we had 45 minutes left of the race. Then I sat down to await the final. Some how I dozed off, all of a sudden my ears exploded with David asking if anyone was suited up that he did not feel well. Since I was still suited since I was the next driver if David got black flagged I told him I was ready, give me a few laps to put my contacts in. I can't wear my glasses in my helmet as they don't sit right and I end up looking out the bi-focal part.
So I get geared up and tell David that I am ready, but. I realize that my comm gear is hanging down. I quickly remove my helmet, balaclavas and insert my ear phone, just as David pulls into the pit stall. It takes a minute to put everything back on, he is standing there tapping his shoe telling me he could have stayed out another lap.

I get in the car and take off. The mk2 MR2 is just beat up. Loud. Ill handling. The front engine mount is missing. But damn this is fun. I find out that Troy was right, that if you babied the car it felt like it wanted to kill you. But if you drove it like you stole it she was awesome in the corners.

The engine way down on power. It would either crap walk down the back straight at over 100 mph, or the rear end would swing link a pendulum. She would always, and I mean always swing under breaking from top speed. If you tried braking slowly the car would sway so much that I thought I was going to die. So we would late brake as hard as you could with out locking the tires. That would keep the car straight'ish.

One thing that I did not like with the swaying was the car made me a bit sea sick. I felt a little il at the end my last stint. Plus I never relaxed in the car as if you did the car would do something that would make pucker. So those "oh shit" moments made for a not so relaxing ride. So today my body hurts. Most everyone complained of bruising on the back and sides from the metal inside the Sparco Sprint seat. Plus my "mature" body just does not fit a low cost seat designed for ricer skinhead drift kings.

The track was really boring. We think it was designed for the rich Miami super car owner, lots of runoff, wide straights, boring wide long turns. We all took different lines and were still consistently running 1:47s.

Overall it was a very demanding event for us. We have never really had the problems we had with the car. We have learned where we need to change how we prep things. Our helmet setup worked great. We did not like where the mike button was located, the steering wheel is a much better place. The fuel jugs worked awesome. We need to upgrade the mk2 latch seatbelt to what we use in the mk1 mr2, cam lock pull-ups. I need to mak multiple versions of the exhaust systems to keep paddock fixes to a minimum.

Next race is April at new jersey with lemons.

We had fun, though it was a lot of wok

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