Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 ModSquad Race Team Drivers

We put a call out on the MR2OC Message Board for additional drivers for the 2011 racing season.
Here is the current list of drivers:

David Hawkins
Bill Strong
Kevin Tulay
Troy Truglio
Tommy Guttmann
Rick Fon
Peter Doane
Rob Leone
Ken Brewer
Stephen Mason
Andy Breault

Here is the current schedule of races that we plan on running. We are still working on how many cars we will be using.

The cars:
Mod Squad I - 91 MR2 NA
Mod Squad II - 86 MR2 5SFE MK1.22

Planned schedule:

Lemons NJMP - April 9/10 (5 drivers already signed)
Chump Charlotte - April 22/23
Lemons Summit Point - June 18/19
Chump VIR - July 30/31 (24 hours)
Lemons Charlotte - Sept 24/25 (iffy)
Chump Nelson Ledges - Oct 8/9 (25.5 hours)

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