Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mpg on 109 octane sunoco race unleaded

10.507 gallons
$3.89 gallon
368.9 miles

35.10 mpg

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Race begins

update CHUMPCAR World Series Car 37 ModSquad one is performing great. Car 73 MS2 had some electrical issues at start, replaced ignition system, plugs and wires and is now doing good. Been too busy to do cameras. or pictures.

Live timing and scoring is here but is currently down

Night work

After a very nice dinner at the VIR pub the guys came back to the paddock to clean up. David got some mean sun burn. So he ended up going to get cleaned up and got some sleep. So did the others.
I got to work on aiming the HID lamps. 4x 35watts. Each car. Then I worked on some off the prep stuff. Added a drivers air feed to ms2. Removed the cheap roll bar padding from both cars and added the SFI rated stuff to the cage. A lot more room now to get in and out.
I fixed the mirrors on ms2 and added a rear view. I deskunked the cars. Then fixed some of the issues we had at summit point with the roof on ms2.
I even worked on water proofing ms2 as we may have some good rain on Sunday.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Passed tech

Zero laps


It is freaking hot here today.
Car are ready. Ms2 is doing the test day so we can get our new drivers into the car.

I was first out and noticed a cooling issue. Rad cap was bad. Replaced and it seems good. Going through tech now for the twenty four.

24 hours at Virginia International Raceway

Chump car event. Left RSm at around 10pm last night. Two rigs. One 24 foot support trailer and the two car rig. We are now lined up outside vir on some dirt access road. Starting to get warm and muggy here too. More later as we prep for track testing.