About the ModSquad

Bill and David have spent several years trying to come up with ways to further the MR2 cause.  Bill is a marketer with a persuasive streak that allows him to drag David into some crazy predicaments and when he saw a story about 3 guys in a Scion Xb who hit all 48 contiguous states in 72 hours, Bill declared 'we can do better than that - and we'll do it in an MR2!  This was met by an audible eye roll from David's wife.

Knowing that they weren't kids anymore and having read an article in Car and Driver about the 24 Hours of Lemons, David brought it up to the moderation team on MR2OC.com as a way to get the driving bug sated and keep Bill from killing him in some sleep deprived stunt in the middle of the Nevada desert.  The idea was to make the team up of moderators on the site - hence the name 'Mod Squad Racing'.  Derek Sanders and Conor Richards jumped at the chance but weren't able to follow through because of personal reasons - but the name stuck despite only having two mods on the team.

David's new MR2 centered dealership, Hawkley Auto Sales, had just acquired a wrecked 91 MR2 automatic that wasn't worth trying to bring back to life.  He paid $500 for it - perfect for LeMons!  The automatic transmission was greeted with a collective groan from the other drivers, so it was even better when another 91 came available for $450.  This one had title issues, no front end sheetmetal and a gutted interior.  Perfect!  Banged up doors, fenders and front bumper came off of other parts cars and this became ModSquad 1 - our primary race car.

MS1 had a shakedown run at Summit Point Raceway and another at Shannonville Raceway before hitting the LeMons circuit in September 2009 at Carolina Motorsports Park.  Since then, the car has run 5 events including 2 24 hour races.  In 2010, Bill built an 86 MR2 for the ChumpCar world series and equipped it with a 2.2 Liter engine from a 93 MR2.  That car ran two events - 24 hours at VIR and a 12+4 hour event at Sebring International.  In Sebring, the car sustained major damage and had to be retired.

The ModSquad 2 title has been passed from the 86 to a second 91 MR2 that is set to debut at Charlotte Motor Speedway in April 2011.

Our racing schedule is getting somewhat ambitious, but it beats living on nutritional milk shakes and driving through the night all bleary eyed in hopes of breaking some unofficial record.  If any of this interest you, find us at a race and pull up a chair!