Friday, December 31, 2010


Our exhaust bpipe finally fell off. Hit by a mazda under braking. It cracked and tore the pipe from the header. I welded it back in place the best i could but it finally failed. So i removed the pipe and rebuilt the exhaust from scrap. The header studs broke. So troy welded the flange together. It still leaks like a mofo. But at least it works. We also tried a fix on the failed front urethane mount. Troy is in the car now and says the car feels slower. Scary under braking. Loud as hell. We told him to just drive the hell out of tje car that he looks and sounds fast.
We lost a lot of time in the paddock. We were in 19th. No clue what we are innow.

I may get more seat time. But wont be upset if i dont get it.

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