Saturday, July 30, 2011

Night work

After a very nice dinner at the VIR pub the guys came back to the paddock to clean up. David got some mean sun burn. So he ended up going to get cleaned up and got some sleep. So did the others.
I got to work on aiming the HID lamps. 4x 35watts. Each car. Then I worked on some off the prep stuff. Added a drivers air feed to ms2. Removed the cheap roll bar padding from both cars and added the SFI rated stuff to the cage. A lot more room now to get in and out.
I fixed the mirrors on ms2 and added a rear view. I deskunked the cars. Then fixed some of the issues we had at summit point with the roof on ms2.
I even worked on water proofing ms2 as we may have some good rain on Sunday.

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