Monday, January 31, 2011

VIR Winter Testing

From VIR Winter 2011

Troy Truglio's V6 MR2 last lap at VIR, breaking Scott Barton's lap record of 2.25.400. Tim Stephens has the overall lap record in a GT3 MK1 MR2 at 2.13.00, but that is a tube framed racer.

Here I am taking laps in the V6 MR2 while Troy videos a drive by. The sound from the single exit exhaust is really nice. Not too loud, but down shifting sounds ubber sweet.

Here is Troy doing a fly-by

I am now in the seat after we ate lunch for a 20 minute session. I pointed the camera to the rear and caught a few cars that were on track. I almost lost it under power before the bridge due to cold tires and excess pedal on the first lap.

and here is my 2001 2ZZ-GE powered MR2 Spyder on it's first track. Had an over heating issue. Could be due to either an air bubble or failing water pump.

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