Thursday, January 13, 2011

Results from the Miami 24 Hours of Lemons race have been posted

24 Hours of LeMons Series
The Painfully Bland Bowl of Thin Lukewarm Oatmeal That Can't Possibly Offend Anyone, No Matter How Much They Enjoy Being Offended, 24-Hour Season Ender (Miami FL)
Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter FL. 
 December 30-31, 2010)

Car #73 1991 Toyota MR2 5SFE
Drivers in Order: Bill Strong; Kevin Tulay; Troy Truglio; Tommy Guttman; Peter Doane; David Hawkins 
28th Place (77 starters)
546 Laps Completed
Total Time: 23:25:55.399
Laps Down from leader: 208 Laps 
Best Lap Time: 1:47.744
Best Lap Speed: 
Problems: Front Engine Mount Failure, Exhaust B-pipe failure due to collision, Rear strut rod mount failure


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