Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 1 - 24 Hours of Lemons New Jersey

The ModSquad at New Jersey
well we started off the day doing well, until I spun the MK2...

I went into the corner all wrong, and was just too fast. and she spun. simple.

Got my first ever black flag. But I was proud for staying on the track surface.
I worked hard to get back up to 11th. Tommy Guttman got into the car and when he went out was in 15th. He worked up to 9th. Ricky Fon got in the car and worked up to 8th when he spun off the track in the same area I spun. Tommy purchased us a get out of jail ticket. Ricky went back out and was doing well. But he then spun again. Three spins and you are out for 3 hours.

we just called it quits for the day and worked on the car. weighed it with Peters scales. 2355 pounds. LF 501, RF 484, LR 704, RR 666.

Day 2 starts tomorrow early. we wont win and are currently in the 50s. sucks really. but ____ happens in the sport.

Troy's V6 MR2 is kicking ass. That car is so fast. a 91 MR2 with a 1MZ v6.

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